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An extremely Nice doctor Has been attending to my father for about 20 years now and my father's mental health has remained pretty much stable. I can highly recommend the Doctor.
Excellent treatment option for anyone who is looking for comprehensive psychiatric care. Dr THUKRAL has such a cool and calm demeanour and has a very patient-friendly approach. I am extremely satisfied with his treatment and would recommend him to anyone
One of my family members has been suffering from neuropsychiatric illness for a long. We’ve consulted with various doctors & many institutions but it was all in vain. Somehow we got to know about Omnicare Health House. I say that
Excellent doctor, I had taken treatment from different psychiatrists and finally, I got the best psychiatrist Dr R.K Thukral. He has very good counselling skills and my medicines are now reduced very much. Thanks to Dr.R.K.Thukral
After consulting at Omnicare Health house I am feeling much better as I feel like I've returned to my old self.
One of the good hospitals I’ve heard about. Specially Neurodegenerative disorders are excellently treatable here. Such a good one. I recommend this one especially.
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